ColourPop Review


Hey guys! So Today I want to do a brand review for you guys. I thought I would start off with a ColourPop review. I own a few different ColourPop products, an ultra satin liquid lipstick, an ultra matte liquid lipstick, a super shock cheek highlighter, and five different lippie stix. Colourpop in general is an awesome brand with good quality product and great prices as well. So lets jump into the review.


So the top swatch is of the shade “Lumiere 2” which is an ultra matte liquid lipstick. This cost only $6 on the ColourPop website, which is an amazing price because this is a very high quality product. It is long lasting and does not try out my lips. It is also in collaboration with youtuber Kathleen Lights and I love supporting beauty youtubers and their dreams. This color with Mac’s “Whirl” lipliner underneath is a beautiful color combo that will last for hours on your lips.

The bottom swatch is of the shade “Magic Wand” which is an ultra satin liquid lipstick and it also retails for only $6. This shade is also very long lasting and doesn’t really transfer. I love to make this shade seem like a darker nude by using a brown lipliner underneath. I think Colourpop has amazing liquid lipstick quality especially for only being $6, I highly recommend them.


These swatches are of multiple different shades of their Lippie Stix. I love these products, they are so creamy and light on your lips. I feel like they do really well on your lips and won’t make them look dry. They are incredibly pigmented, and you can ever layer a liquid lipstick on top. The shades from top to bottom are Poppin (matte x), I Heart This (matte), Julep (creme), Heart On (matte), and Flawless (satin). I love all of these finishes and formulas, I really love how matte the Matte X formula is in the shade “Poppin”. The ColourPop Lippie Stix are only $5 and they are incredibly pigmented and such a great quality for that price.


So the last product I own by ColourPop is one of their Super Shock Cheek Highlighters. This swatch is of the shade “Stole The Show” and it is a pearlized finish. I absolutely LOVE this highlight. It looks amazing as a cheek bone highlight but I also love it for my inner corners on my eyes, and also as a brow highlight. I have fair skin so this highlight is very nice yet not too over the top. It does give me an awesome glow though and the product itself is very creamy and blendable. This product retails for only $8 and I’m not quite sure why I haven’t bought more shades. I am definitely due for another Colourpop haul.

Also I just want to mention that I love ColourPop packaging as well. The packaging of the product is simple yet durable, and also when they send you the product they put the cutest little notes inside. I also recently got their new brow pencil, as well as a highlight and contour stick. I will be doing a separate review on those soon when I have more chances to try out the product, so keep your eyes peeled for part 2 coming soon. All in all I give ColourPop 5 out of 5 stars. Thanks for reading everyone!


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