My Fitness/Health Journey: The Start


Hey everyone! This post is going to be different from the previous posts I have done. I am currently at a point in my life where I need to make a change. I am tired, out of shape, and not even comfortable in my own body at this point. So I am going to try my best to make this change and to live a healthier, happier life. I want to just document this journey and show you guys the changes I am making because I hope that you guys can help me along the way (I am in no way a fitness guru) and maybe I can even help and motivate some of you guys as well.

First I want to give you guys just a little back story on me and what sparked this change in me. When I was in 5th-8th grade, I was 5’1″-5’2″ and weighing in at about 170-180 pounds and I hated myself. I always felt judged and it was a horrible feeling and did a lot of damage to my self confidence.

I started high school, and also started to play soccer. Soccer helped me lose some of the weight and throughout high school I was about 140 pounds and really started to gain a little bit of self confidence. Right when I was graduating high school I also got out of a very toxic relationship that I was in for the last 2 years of high school. So the summer after high school I went through huge life changes and was in almost like a daze, which dropped my weight to only 114 pounds.

Once I started college I started dating my current boyfriend Daniel (we have been together for 3.5 years now) and with a new relationship came happiness. As much as I love Daniel, the happiness of our relationship and how comfortable he makes me feel has brought back all of my weight. I am currently weighing in at about 170 pounds and am 5’3″. I know that now is my time to make a change, and take back control of my body and health.

So that is where I am now. Daniel and I are currently looking to move into a new apartment, and I figured with the new life changes now would be the perfect time. My goal is to not only look better physically, but to also feel better emotionally. I want to have energy and not feel so tired and worn down all the time. I want to take back control of my body before I just completely get to a point where I want to give up. I want to love myself.

To start this journey I want to begin by feeding my body better and fueling it in a more natural way, and not just eating fast food because it tastes good and is so simple. I’ve been using Pinterest to search for healthy options and healthy lists to take to the grocery store with me. I tend to go to Trader Joes for my groceries or also Costco if I know Daniel will eat some too, and we can just buy in bulk.


I picked up some books to start me off. So I bought the “Cravings” cook book by Chrissy Teigen. Not all the recipes in this book are necessarily healthy ones but Chrissy Teigen is goals lets be real. I love her, and she really inspires me on this journey. Her body is definitely rocking. I also just recently started reading the book “Make Your Own Rules Diet” by Tara Stiles. I just found out about Tara and for those of you who do not know she is a well known yoga instructor. I love yoga and meditation it is just so relaxing to me, so this book incorporates that as well as a healthy diet to go with it. This diet also isn’t very strict so I think it will be an easier one to start with. It comes with a 30 day yoga/meal plan which I will start once I finish the book and keep you guys up to date on that as well. Another huge inspiration for me on this journey is Khloe Kardashian, and I highly recommend her book “Strong Looks Better Naked” especially if you are a Kardashian fan like me. Khloe has had a huge fitness change in her life and it is so inspiring. I also met her on her book tour and she was so sweet and motivating. So these books are my starting point.


For the physical fitness aspect of my journey I have started by using a Fitbit HR. I just recently started using it but I LOVE my Fitbit. It honestly makes everything just so much easier to track. I have it synced with the app on my phone, so it tracks my steps, heart rate, sleep cycle, miles I have walked, flights of stairs, and also the calories I have burned through out the day. I really love that it tracks my sleep cycle because I know that sleep is a very important aspect in a healthy lifestyle. The Fitbit also has an exercise mode to track when I am working out. Another favorite thing about my Fitbit is that I can add my friends on the app. I am currently doing weekday challenges with friends to see who can get the most steps, and it is honestly so motivating….because lets be real, I hate losing. I really recommend a Fitbit for somebody just starting out like myself. I also use my Fitbit to track my food that I eat, count calories, and also to track my water intake for the day.


Another physical change is that I just signed up for a local cycling studio. I have only done a few classes so far but I have fallen in love. Cycling is such an amazing workout and to do a cycling class is just so fun and upbeat. I love the music and how it stays dim so you aren’t worried about other people judging you or staring at you. I wore my Fitbit to my last class and it said I lost a little over 800 calories in 45 minutes, so that is amazing. I also tend to try and do yoga at home when I have the time. I want to try and find some local yoga classes as well.

Whoo! This was a long post, so thank you so much for sticking around and reading it. I really hope to stick to my word and really try to make an all around life change. I am also open to any and all recommendations or tips, so if you have any please leave them in the comments below. Love you guys!


One thought on “My Fitness/Health Journey: The Start

  1. Best of luck with your weight loss journey! I hope that it’s going well! I absolutely LOVE Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook (I am a big fan of hers as well). The recipes are delicious and many of them can be tailored to be healthier.


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