Pat McGrath Skin Fetish 003 Review

Hey guys! Today I want to review some of my new go to products. The Pat McGrath Skin Fetish 003 Highlight Kit in the shade “Golden”. This kit retails at Sephora for $72. It is currently sold out online, but it is still available in stores.

First let’s break down the basics. The kit comes with a duo ended highlight stick. One side has a clear balm (my favorite out of the whole kit) and the other side is a nice golden highlight shade. Then it also comes with a highlighting powder pigment and also a buffer brush. The packaging is very simple and almost comparable to ELF cosmetics packaging, but I think that this packaging is a little bit more sturdy then ELF. I admit for $72 I was expecting a little more from the packaging but I’m not too upset. Also Pat McGrath is a well known makeup artist, and I feel like this packaging is very lightweight and simple which is good in the MUA world. It comes in a bag full of sequins. I honestly thought the packaging was so cute and creative but once I realized the bag wasn’t resealable I was a little bummed, I mean it came with a lotttt of sequins. So I put all my sequins in a ziploc bag, because let’s be real I paid $72 so I WILL find something to do with those sequins.

Now for the actual product review. Let’s start with my lows… I have two complaints about the actual products themselves. The first being, the brush. The brush itself is nothing too special, I would not purchase it alone if it wasn’t in the kit. It’s a very soft brush but I don’t think it has amazing quality. For spending so much on this kit I was assuming I would be blown away by the brush. It is a good brush but it’s not a must have. If it’s sitting there when I’m doing my makeup, sure, I’ll use it. If not, I am totally fine just using my Sigma brushes. My only other issue with this kit is that the Balm end of the duo stick (which is actually my favorite product) can get oily if you apply to much. The only reason this is an issue for me is because I love the balm so much that I literally want to cover my face in it. A little goes a long way though and if you use to much it will move your foundation and basically turn you into a greaseball. 

Now for my highs…. This balm literally GIVES ME LIFE. It gives you such an incredibly dewy natural looking glow, but like I said, a little goes a long way. It’s easy to apply, I just apply right from the stick and you can basically blend it out however you want. I will blend it out with a buffer brush or just my fingers. I wear it with or without makeup. I love the way it gives my face such a nice highlight without makeup. I love it most as a cheekbone highlight and also a highlight for my Cupid’s bow. The pigment powder this kit comes with is also absolutely amazing. I am pretty sure that you could see the highlight from this powder from outer space, it is so pigmented and pretty. I absolutely love it as a brow bone and inner corner highlight. It’s a very blendable creamy powder and looks great over the balm as well. It is also very long lasting, I fell asleep with my makeup on and when I woke up the next day my highlight was still on fleek.

The highlight end of the duo stick for me is alright. I don’t hate it and I don’t love it. It’s a little patchy to me, and it is too dark for my fair skin tone. I haven’t really used it much because of that reason. I tried to use it when I had a spray tan and it was alright, but definitely not the same amount of highlight I got from the balm and powder. I do think though that it would be a veryyyy pretty highlight on those with a dark skin tone.

Here are some swatches. On top I have just the clear balm by itself. Second, just the highlighter stick by itself. Third is the highlighter stick with the balm on top, and lastly is the pigment powder.

So do I think the Pat McGrath Skin Fetish 003 is worth it? Yes, I do. If you break it down, each product is technically $18. I think $18 is a very affordable amount for each of these products. I also think that for makeup artists this is a really simple on the go highlighting kit that could end up being a staple in your kit. If you’re obsessed with highlighters like me, I think this is a must have.

Thanks for reading everyone! If you have tried this kit let me know how you feel about it in the comments below. Don’t have it? Let me know what your go to highlighter is! 

Xoxo, Corinna.


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