Summer BeautyCon Box

Hey everyone! So for today’s post I wanted to do a quick little review/unboxing of the Summer BeautyCon box in collaboration with beauty youtuber Kandee Johnson. BeautyCon  does seasonal boxes, so these boxes are once every 3 months for $29. Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. I have received this box for almost a year now and I have yet to be disappointed. With that being said, in my opinion this is my favorite BeautyCon box I have ever received. So lets just jump into it.


The first product I pulled out of the box was the Benzac Acne Solutions “Blemish Clearing Hydrator”. I have not tried this product out yet but I am actually really excited to try it. I have been wanting to buy an acne spot treatment for a while now and now I finally have one. Has anybody else tried this product out yet? It retails for $12 at Target, but you can order it off Amazon for only about $6!


The next thing I grabbed out of the box was the Garner “Clearly Brighter” Moisturizer Sunscreen. I have gotten to try this out but only once so far. I loved it. I feel like it really did brighten my face up and also gave it a little bit of extra hydration. It is SPF 15 so sun protection is always a plus to me. I will definitely be using this product again. This retails for $12 and you can find it in drugstores or Ulta.


Next out of the box I grabbed the Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil. This says it will “effortlessly and completely remove waterproof makeup, dirt & oil”. So I tried this product out and I did not like it. I am willing to give it a second try but I am really just not a big fan of oils. I just feel like they are so greasy and oily, but this oil was not too bad. It did not leave any residue and I think it did an alright job taking off my makeup. I myself just prefer makeup wipes or a cleansing water. This retails for $8.99 at Ulta.


The biggest product in the box is the Redken Fashion Waves Sea Salt Spray. I tried this product and I don’t think it really gave my hair much texture. I noticed a slight difference but not much. Next time I will try to just use more of the product. I did like how it didn’t leave my hair feeling gross or anything like that, my hair wasn’t a complete mess the next morning. This retails for $19.50 at Ulta so that is a pretty high priced product to be in the box.


The next thing I grabbed out and what I am most excited for is the Coverfx Double Sided Contour Brush. I love brushes and I am always willing to try new ones so I was really excited to see this, especially because I have never tried a Coverfx brush before. I have  yet to try this brush but it does feel nice and dense yet soft. I like how one side is smaller so you can do a nice nose contour and then the other side is for your cheekbones. This brush is on Beautylish for $38. I am very happy with this product being in the box.


The box also came with a NYX Ombre Lip Duo Stick. I was very excited to see this as well because I have been wanting to try one of these lipsticks out. I love how it comes with the two different shades to do the ombre so you don’t have to guess what shades would look good together. It is a very pretty bright color. This product retails for $11.99. The box also came with a NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil. It is in the shade Cashmere and it is SUCH a pretty color. It is an amazing golden highlight color. I have used it as an eyeshadow and I just blend it out with my finger. I want to even try it as a highlighter because the color is just so pretty. This product retails for $4.50.


I also got very excited to see the deluxe sample size of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara. I love the original mascara and have a full sized tube of it so I haven’t gone out to buy the full size waterproof one yet so it is nice that I have one to use now. I love this mascara, it gives my lashes great volume. I also think this packaging is so cool and the mascara tube really does look like it has drops of water on it. The full size mascara retails for $23 at Sephora and Ulta.


The next item was a deluxe sample size of the Smashbox Brow Tech Shaping Powder in the shade Taupe. I have tried this product and I love it. It is my favorite brow powder. It is long lasting and doesn’t smudge. I like the applicator that it comes with and how easy and mess free it is to apply. The full size of this product retails for $25.


The box also came with a sample of Versa Spa Face Moisturizing Gradual Tanner. I do not really use tanning products so I do not have much to say on this one. I will keep it to use if I tan over the summer to keep my face matching my body. My stepsister has used this brand before though and she told me that she liked it, and she has used many tanning products before so I trust her opinion. The full size of this product retails for $35.


Lastly, the box came with two different LA Fresh Wipes. One wipe is an “Instant Cooling Body Soother” wipe, and it has peppermint moisture in it. I am actually really excited to try this wipe, it says to wipe it wherever you are feeling fatigued or stress and then to breathe deeply and you will feel a soothing, cooling sensation. It also came with an “Oil Free Face Cleanser” Wipe. I will probably try this wipe out when I take my makeup off tonight. I love wipes, I always keep some in my car, purse, room, bathroom, and everywhere else. I have a weird obsession with them. A pack of these wipes retail for about $8.


So that is it for the Summer BeautyCon Box with Kandee Johnson. This is hands down my favorite box I have received from them. It has a total value of over $106, not even including the samples. It also comes with a a 15% off code + free shipping for The Edit pop up shop by Seventeen. This box was totally worth it and I can’t wait for my next box in the fall Thanks for reading you guys!


One thought on “Summer BeautyCon Box

  1. Hey! 🙂 I totally agree! This was my second Beautycon Box so far, and it was most definitely my favorite. I’m still in the process of testing the products out, but I’m pretty pleased with what I received in general. I did an unboxing/review on my blog too. The products I’m most excited about are the Ombre Lip Duo and the Too Faced Mascara. I’ve tried a few other colors for the Lip Duo and I really liked them. I like the concept of having a lip liner and lipstick all-in-one. Can’t wait for the Fall box! I wonder who is going to collaborate with Beautycon Box next…

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