My Top 5 Apps

Hey everyone, so today’s post is going to be my top 5 favorite apps I have on my iPhone! I am always looking into the app store to try out new apps, so I figured I would share my top favorites I have found along the way.

One of my favorite apps definitely has to be the Target Cartwheel App. If you are a frequent shopper at Target than hopefully you already have this app, if not then you have to go download it. It is a free app, and it basically is a great way to save money at Target. They have a lot of different offers on the app that change often, and save you money on all things sold at Target. You start with a certain number of offers you can use at once, and then the more you use the app the more offers you can use at a time. I have redeemed over 90 different offers, and have saved over $200 using this app. I also pair it with my Target debit card to receive another 5% off of all purchases. This is a great app to save money if you love Target like I do.


One of my new favorite apps that I just recently downloaded is Hautelook. This is an app that is in partnership with Nordstrom’s Rack. It basically has new offers every day for a limited time, from multiple different companies and they have amazing prices. My first purchase with them was Ofra’s liquid lipsticks for 50% off! I have also ordered The Balm Cosmetics, Bliss, and more from Hautelook. The only downside is it does take 2-3 weeks for your products to ship out. I do not mind waiting for the shipping though since you get such a good price on the products. If you are not happy with your purchases you can return them at your local Nordstrom’s Rack, which I think is nice because it is a lot less of a hassle. So far though I have been happy with all of my purchases from them.


My next favorite app is the Afterlight photo editing app. I really just like this app when I want to do a quick edit. I also enjoy the filters they provide. My favorite filter to use is “Bright Fire”. It is definitely my go to app when I want to do a really quick edit, or just throw a filter on. I don’t really use instagram filters because to me they are just starting to get a little old and boring, so I love that I can use this app to switch things up.


Another favorite photo editing app of mine is Facetune. I  know a lot of beauty bloggers and beauty youtubers use Facetune as well to edit selfies and makeup photos. I love this app for editing photos of myself when I really want to show my makeup. You can do so many different things with this app and it really is easy to use. You can whiten your teeth, smooth lines, focus on details, change the tones, or even reshape the photo. You can also add filters and frames on this app as well. I think the quality of my photos have definitely improved ever since using this app.


Last but not least is the Kylie app by Kylie Jenner. This app does cost $2.99 a month to subscribe to but not only do I love it because I am a big Kylie fan but I LOVE the Kylie Radio feature. She has a 24/7 music streaming service on her app, and it is commercial free which I love. You can’t skip songs but honestly I really like the songs that play. It is a lot of rap, hip hop, and R&B, but it does get a little mixed up every once in a while. I also really like how she breaks down her outfits and will link places to buy what she wears, and she also will provide cheaper alternatives. She also updates her fans on her Kylie Cosmetics line using her app as well. The app also has a live streaming service which is fun to watch when she uses it as well.


That is it for my top 5 apps at the moment. Thank you all for reading. Let me know in the comments below if you know of any apps that I have to check out. I love trying new apps!


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