Makeup Collection: Eyeshadow Palettes

Hello everyone! Today I am going to share more of my makeup collection with all of you. These are my eyeshadow palettes, not including my drug store palettes. All of these palettes I have boughten at either Sephora or Ulta. So I am just going to jump right in with the reviews!


These swatches up above are from the Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette. The first thing I want to mention about this palette is I love the packaging! I love the packaging for the whole collaboration they did together but especially the palette. The white with black polka dots really does remind me of Gwen Stefani and her fun edgy style. These shadows are very creamy and blendable, like most Urban Decay shadows, but I do think some of the shades lack a little bit in pigment. These are not all the shades but the shades swatched above from top to bottom are… 1987, Danger, Harajuka, Pop, Steady, Serious, Punk, and Anaheim. This collaboration is limited edition and both Ulta and Sephora have these products for a reduced price. I believe this eye palette is currently only $25 at Sephora. For 15 different shades, I think this is a great palette at a great price!


This is the Lorac Reisling Romance eyeshadow palette, and this palette is absolute garbage. I am honestly not even sure why I still have this palette, I will probably just keep it for my Goddaughter to play with. I bought this on sale at Ulta for about $15 I believe a few months ago. These shades have little to no pigment, the only one with decent pigment is the darkest shade on the right side. I do not own any other Lorac palettes but I have heard good things about the Lorac Pro line and do want to try those palettes out. This palette though is an absolute no for me.


This palette right here is from Urban Decay. It is an older palette of theirs that is no longer available. I am honestly not even sure what the name of the palette is, but it is silver packaging with a purple skull on the front. It is very similar to their Shadow Box palette that is available at Ulta for $34. It has a few more shadows in it, and very similar shades to this. These shades from top to bottom are… Sin, Chopper, Mildew, Oil Slick, Last Call, Shattered, Grifter, and Polyester Bride. These shadows are amazing! The pigment, how creamy and blendable they are, everything is awesome. In my opinion Urban Decay definitely have some of the best eye shadows in the game.


This palette right here is also from Urban Decay and it is the Naked 2 Palette. Everybody knows that the Naked Palettes from Urban Decay are staples in everyones collection. This is definitely an everyday palette that I love. This is one of my favorite palettes to travel with because the packaging is so sturdy and I love the brush it comes with as well. I think this is a great palette with colors that look goon on all eye colors and skin tones. I need to get the rest of the Naked Palettes and really complete my collection.


These three swatches are from Tarte’s Golden Days & Sultry Nights Palette. This is a small palette from Tarte and I am not sure if it is still available. I got this palette on sale from Ulta about 6 months ago for only about $15 I believe. These 3 shades are so creamy and pigmented, they don’t have any shade names but I LOVE that blue shade. It is so pretty. This was a great find that I came across because I love how pigmented these are. It also comes with what I believe is a highlight and contour shade (a white, and warm light brown shade), but those for some reason have little to no pigment and don’t really show up on my skin. For what I spent though, these 3 shades are definitely worth it to me.


This palette right here is also from Tarte and one of my FAVORITE palettes ever… This is the original Tartelette palette. This palette is so blendable and has such nice everyday shades and some awesome transition shades. I use this palette multiple times a week and never get tired of it. I also really want to get the Tartelette in Bloom palette and that is the newer version of this palette. This is also a palette I love to travel with because of how sleek and easy the packaging is.


Last but certainly not least is my Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette. Guys…this palette smells like chocolate! I love Too Faced, honestly I have not tried a single product from them that I have not liked. This palette is incredibly blendable, as well as pigmented. It has such fun shades that you can do a crazy look, or a subtle everyday look. I love how the shadows are heart shaped, and also the shade names are so cute. In this picture I watched from top to bottom.. Early Grey, Totally Fetch, Black Currant, Cafe Au Lait, Cotton Candy, Mocha, Molasses Chip, and Sprinkles. The pigment is this palette is unreal! This palette definitely makes me want more of the Too Faced palettes. They are all just so fun and cute, with amazing products.

Well everyone, that is my eyeshadow palette collection. I do have a few drugstore eyeshadow palettes as well but I will save those for another time. Thank you all for reading. Let me know in the comments below if I am missing any awesome palettes that are must haves!


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