Rocksbox Subscription

Hey everyone! So today is a super quick blog post. I have been trying out a new subscription box that I wanted to share with all of you once I had the chance to really try it and look into it.


So lets break it all down. Rocksbox is a name brand jewelry rental subscription for $19 a month. You pay the $19 a month and in return you receive 3 name brand jewelry pieces at a time to wear for however long you want, and then you send them back whenever you are done and get three more pieces in return. Best thing about it? If you like the piece, you keep it and pay a low discounted member’s only price. How do you know you will even like the products? Rocksbox is extremely personalized! Not only do you fill out a survey for them to get to know you better, but then you can make your own wishlist on their site and they will assign you a stylist! Your stylist will pick an item off of your wishlist and then send you two other items with it that will go well with your own style.

I love to change up my accessories and always wear something new, so this subscription is perfect for me. You also get high end products without spending the high end price. I love to look “rich” without the price tag, it is one of my favorite things. It is also very easy to send the items back, you receive them in an envelope that fits in your mailbox, so you can just put the items back in that envelope with the return shipping label they provide, and just put it right back into your mailbox. It is that simple!


So, if you all want to give Rocksbox a try, they did give me a code “Corinnascornerxoxoxo” to receive your first month absolutely free! If you end up not liking it, (which I doubt will happen) all you do is unsubscribe on the website and you will never be charged! If you love it, (which you will) all you do is keep adding to your wishlist so they can keep sending you amazing products! Thanks for reading everyone. Let me know if you have ever tried Rocksbox, and what you think about it!


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