Life Update: Babies, Moving, and More

Hey everyone and happy hump day! I hope you had an awesome Wednesday and are getting ready to have a great weekend. Today’s post is a little bit different. I just wanted to do a quick life update on myself to kind of explain my absence during September and catch you all up.

The reason I wasn’t posting much in September is because I moved! My boyfriend and I moved out of his family’s house and into an apartment with our friends. So it has been a crazy, busy, stressful, yet awesome month. I am still in the middle of getting everything unpacked, and I am having so much fun decorating. I am going to re-do my whole beauty vanity from scratch, so that will be fun. I think I want to do a white and gold theme. Let me know in the comments below of any furniture or decor shops I should check out, or even any home decor inspiration. I am especially excited for the holidays in our own apartment and getting to decorate as much as I’d like. This has been a huge change, but I am so excited and ready for this new chapter.


Also, some fun exciting news I have is… I am going to be an Aunt! I am luckily already an Aunt to my brother’s stepchildren, and now my sister-in-law is pregnant with their first together. Baby Bailey will be here in February and I am so excited for her arrival. Shortly after I received the news about Baby Bailey, I also got the news that my best friend is expecting a baby as well. My heart could burst I am so excited for all these new babies. I love when people around me provide me with cute babies to play with so I don’t have to have any of my own. Im sure my boyfriend is thankful as well. If you know of any baby Etsy shops that I should check out please let me know in the comments, I am ready to spoil these sweet babies.


Lastly, I wanted to talk about my fitness journey and trying to lose weight. I previously did a fitness journey post and I just wanted to touch base on that. I have lost about 5 pounds since that last post by eating less fast food, but I didn’t really start to work out as often as I should have. I did though recently download an app called “ClassPass” and I am really enjoying it. You basically buy a class package once a month (I get the 5 classes for $50) and then you can use the passes at multiple different studios and classes throughout your city. I can do yoga, boxing, bootcamp, ballet, barre, pilates, open gym time, and more. I have done a few classes at different studios and I love it. The app makes working out and finding a fitness class so convenient and easy, I love it. Also as a bonus, I have found classes on this app that I have paid $20 for before…. that means I save 50% on the class using ClassPass. If you sign up through this link you can get your first 5 classes for only $20, that is $30 off! Save $30 Here! I also recently got a new juicer and plan to cut out my Redbull habit (5 Redbulls a week) and replace it with fresh juice. So after a few weeks of trying to keep this habit up I will do another fitness journey update.

That is pretty much it for my post today everyone. I just wanted to touch base and explain really quick. I plan on focusing a lot more of my time and energy on Corinna’s Corner. I will be trying my absolute best to have 3 posts a week up, I am thinking for the most part it will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when I upload new posts. This Friday I will be posting a haul video of basically all the new products I bought in the month of September. Have a great night, and thank you for reading.


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