MCM: Morphe’s “The Little Palette”

Hey everybody and happy Monday! For today’s Makeup Crush Monday I am going to be talking about a new Morphe palette. Morphe recently came out with “The Little Palette” and they came out with 5 different ones. The best thing about this product is that they only cost $10. There are 4 shimmer and 4 matte shades in each one. I bought “Copper Popper” and “Coffee Toffee”. The 3 other Little Palettes they have are “Awesome Blossom”, “Mama Drama”, and finally “Coca Mocha”. Also, these palettes are also limited edition just to let you all know.


I honestly love these palettes and for $10 I don’t think you can find a better eyeshadow palette. The pigment is awesome, but one thing is that I feel like after you take off the top layer of shadow the pigment does get better, so do not be discouraged at first swatch. The packaging is just cardboard but for $10 you can’t expect much. I also love the cute little drawings on the front, it is a nice touch. I also like how you can peak into the palette without opening it so you can tell them apart if you have multiples. These shadows have the same awesome quality as all other Morphe palettes, and they are really blendable. I haven’t been able to put these down. I also think with the small sleek packaging these are really great to have when traveling.


The “Copper Popper” palette is definitely my favorite out of the 2 palettes I own. The burnt orange shimmer shade is one of my favorite eyeshadows I own. “Coffee Toffee” is very similar to “Copper Popper” with the exception that it has much more brown in it, while “Copper Popper” definitely has a hint of copper and orange shades. “Coffee Toffee” is definitely a palette to use for a night out while “Copper Popper” can be used every day. I think these palettes are awesome and I would love to buy the 3 other Little Palettes. Morphe did great, but does that really surprise us?


Thank you all for reading. I have a few more posts coming up this week and I am so excited to share them with you all. Cheers to an awesome week ahead of us.


September Favorites and an Unfavorite

Hello everybody and thank you for reading today’s post, which is my September favorites and even an unfavorite. I know it has been quite a while since my last post and I just wanted to tell you guys thank you for sticking through it with me, I recently moved and it has been a little more stressful than I imagined. I will be having a life update post about all that up on Wednesday, as well as a haul/first impressions post up on Friday. I am trying to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this month as well as daily on Instagram. So let’s hope I can keep it up, and let’s jump on into this post.


My first favorite for the month of September is actually a product that I tried once and hated, then never picked it up again until this month and I fell in love. It is the Real Techniques 102 triangle concealer brush. I do not even know why I didn’t like this brush at first, I think it is because back then I was only using a beauty blender for my concealer, but now I love using this brush. I switch between this brush and a tiny beauty blender, but I think this brush gets the job done quick. I like using this brush when I use more concealer since the beauty blender I use is so small. I think it has great coverage, and I love the triangular shape it has so I can get all areas covered easily. This retails for $15.00 and I got this at Ulta, but I know it is available online as well.


The next favorite I have is the Studio Makeup on-the-go eyeshadow palette. I received this at the beginning of the month in my Boxycharm and I have not put it down. I am so in love with this palette, it is extremely pigmented and blends like a dream. It has a little bit of fall out, but honestly I don’t mind. The very middle shade that is like a dark orange shimmery copper shade is possibly my favorite eyeshadow shade ever. Also, I do not own the Kylie Cosmetics palette but this palette looks like it could be similar, it has similar shades and the same type of packaging. This is definitely my new favorite palette at the moment, and will probably go with me whenever I travel. To me this palette is a little pricey because I have never heard of this brand, but the quality is awesome so I think the $49.95 price tag is worth it if you have the extra cash. You can buy this online on the Studio Makeup website.


My third favorite product I have this month is the Jouer essential lip enhancer. I received this product in my Fall September Beautycon box this month, but I have actually used this product before. I finished an entire tube of this product a few months ago and never repurchased but this brought my love for the product back. I use this product every single week day morning before I go to work. It really makes my lips hydrated and I wish I took a before picture because I have started to notice my lips are a lot fuller. I just have the original one, but I also know they sell them in tinted colors. You can buy these on the Jouer website for $16. This is my favorite lip treatment ever, and I think it is definitely worth the money. I might actually go buy a back up right now!


My next favorite actually isn’t a makeup product, it is a bracelet I received in my latest Rocksbox. If you do not have Rocksbox, I suggest you go back a few posts and read my post about it. It is an unlimited jewelry rental subscription and has amazing products. You can get your first month free with the code “CORINNASCORNERXOXOXO” and you won’t regret it. This is the silver Moonsong Cuff by Jenny Bird. It is bendable so it can be totally adjusted any size you’d like. I love it. It is so simple but it can go with any outfit, and I am just so in love with it. I actually first saw it worn by youtuber, LeighannSays, and I fell in love with the Jenny Bird brand. That is how I knew to put Jenny Bird on my Rocksbox wishlist. This retails for $85 on the Jenny Bird site, but you can get it at a discounted member price if you do decide to sign up for Rocksbox.


My final favorite for the month of September are the Tarte Lip Sculptors. I have the shade Rogue which is a dark berry shade, and I also have the shade Basic which is the perfect nude shade. These are lipsticks on one end, with a matching lipgloss on the other end. I always wear lipstick under my gloss, so I love how these shades match perfectly and I’m not searching for a gloss and lipstick that match. I also really like the formula of the gloss, it is long lasting and not too sticky. These are exclusive to Ulta, and retail for $24 which I think is a great price especially because they are like a 2 for 1 product. Basic is definitely my favorite shade out of the 2 I purchased.


So now for my unfavorite for September. I really do not like the Ole Henriksen sheer transformation moisturizer. I tested this product out a few months ago and thought it was making me oily, so stopped using it. I started using it again to give it another chance and I am convinced this product breaks me out. I rarely ever ever ever get acne, maybe 1 or 2 zits at a time. Using this product at one point I had 6 different problem spots on my face. It was ridiculous and the worst my skin has ever been. Once I stopped using this moisturizer, it was fine again. I am not even going to look up the price of this product (although I do think it is $15 at Sephora for the smallest size)  because I do not want you all to waste your money. So disappointed in this moisturizer.


That is it for this post, and the end of September 2016. I hope you all had a great month and here is to an awesome October. I can’t wait for Fall and the holiday seasons. I am so ready! Until next time, thank you all for reading.

My Top 5 Apps

Hey everyone, so today’s post is going to be my top 5 favorite apps I have on my iPhone! I am always looking into the app store to try out new apps, so I figured I would share my top favorites I have found along the way.

One of my favorite apps definitely has to be the Target Cartwheel App. If you are a frequent shopper at Target than hopefully you already have this app, if not then you have to go download it. It is a free app, and it basically is a great way to save money at Target. They have a lot of different offers on the app that change often, and save you money on all things sold at Target. You start with a certain number of offers you can use at once, and then the more you use the app the more offers you can use at a time. I have redeemed over 90 different offers, and have saved over $200 using this app. I also pair it with my Target debit card to receive another 5% off of all purchases. This is a great app to save money if you love Target like I do.


One of my new favorite apps that I just recently downloaded is Hautelook. This is an app that is in partnership with Nordstrom’s Rack. It basically has new offers every day for a limited time, from multiple different companies and they have amazing prices. My first purchase with them was Ofra’s liquid lipsticks for 50% off! I have also ordered The Balm Cosmetics, Bliss, and more from Hautelook. The only downside is it does take 2-3 weeks for your products to ship out. I do not mind waiting for the shipping though since you get such a good price on the products. If you are not happy with your purchases you can return them at your local Nordstrom’s Rack, which I think is nice because it is a lot less of a hassle. So far though I have been happy with all of my purchases from them.


My next favorite app is the Afterlight photo editing app. I really just like this app when I want to do a quick edit. I also enjoy the filters they provide. My favorite filter to use is “Bright Fire”. It is definitely my go to app when I want to do a really quick edit, or just throw a filter on. I don’t really use instagram filters because to me they are just starting to get a little old and boring, so I love that I can use this app to switch things up.


Another favorite photo editing app of mine is Facetune. I  know a lot of beauty bloggers and beauty youtubers use Facetune as well to edit selfies and makeup photos. I love this app for editing photos of myself when I really want to show my makeup. You can do so many different things with this app and it really is easy to use. You can whiten your teeth, smooth lines, focus on details, change the tones, or even reshape the photo. You can also add filters and frames on this app as well. I think the quality of my photos have definitely improved ever since using this app.


Last but not least is the Kylie app by Kylie Jenner. This app does cost $2.99 a month to subscribe to but not only do I love it because I am a big Kylie fan but I LOVE the Kylie Radio feature. She has a 24/7 music streaming service on her app, and it is commercial free which I love. You can’t skip songs but honestly I really like the songs that play. It is a lot of rap, hip hop, and R&B, but it does get a little mixed up every once in a while. I also really like how she breaks down her outfits and will link places to buy what she wears, and she also will provide cheaper alternatives. She also updates her fans on her Kylie Cosmetics line using her app as well. The app also has a live streaming service which is fun to watch when she uses it as well.


That is it for my top 5 apps at the moment. Thank you all for reading. Let me know in the comments below if you know of any apps that I have to check out. I love trying new apps!