Bite Beauty’s Matte Creme Lip Crayon Review

Hello everybody and happy Monday. I am getting this up a little later than I wanted, so a majority of you are probably just about done with your day now and in for the night. So, I hope you all had an awesome start to your week. This post is going to be a review of the new Matte Creme Lip Crayons by Bite Beauty. Bite Beauty and Influenster were kind enough to send me these lipsticks to review for you all. Although these products were sent to me, I will keep my reviews 100% honest. Let’s get started.


I just want to start off by saying that these retail at Sephora for $24 a piece, and I received 3 shades, Cava, Glace, and Red Velvet. I have bought Bite Beauty lipsticks in the past myself, I believe I have 1 regular Bite lipstick from them, and then I have 2 of their duo-ended lipsticks as well. I really enjoy Bite Beauty products, I have found them to be very creamy products, that never dry out my lips, and they also last a good amount of time throughout the day, especially for not being a liquid lipstick. I really love the packaging on these Matte Creme Lip Crayons. They are a soft matte black, and they are just perfect for throwing in your bag and taking on the go. You twist the pen to make the product come out more, and then there is also a little sharpener on the bottom that you can pop out to sharpen the crayon as well. I really like the fact that it comes with a sharpener because lip crayons can get pretty dull and messy.

Now for the actual quality of the Matte Creme Lip Crayons. I think that these are really good products, just like other Bite Beauty products I have tried. They are a nice creamy texture, but they are still matte. They don’t make my lips look as dry as other matte lipsticks can do sometimes. They are not 100% transfer proof but if you are careful they last throughout the day quite well. I always keep the shade I am wearing with me, especially if I am eating, to do some touch ups. I wore the shade “Glace” out to go shopping the other day, and I wore it for 4-5 hours with no touch ups. It lasted pretty well and still looked nice at the end. “Red Velvet” is also a nice deep red shade, that I would suggest pairing with a red liner to make sure it doesn’t get too messy. I also got the shade “Cava” which is a new shade, and available online only but I also really enjoy this shade, it is a nice soft nude that looks pretty on a lot of different skin tones.


For the price tag of $24, these are a little pricey, but they are nice products so I suggest trying them out if you are somebody who likes to have a variety of lipsticks. I find these similar in quality to Mac lipsticks other than the packaging. I really do enjoy the packaging of these Matte Creme Lip Crayons so I would spend the $24 to purchase these on my own. I also think these could be a great idea as a stocking stuffer as well.


That is it today for my review, so if you haven’t checked out Bite Beauty products before I do recommend them, especially for lipstick lovers. You can find their social media, their handle is @bitebeauty on all social media, or also is their website. I also just wanted to let you all know that I have officially hit 500 followers on my Twitter (@corinnascornerx) so if you aren’t already you should go follow me, I will be posting a giveaway this week to say thank you for 500. I have a few posts coming, I am not sure what will be up first but I am thinking my next post will be a review of the new Koko Kollection by Kylie Cosmetics in collaboration with Khloe Kardashian. Thank you all for reading, and have an awesome week.



October Sephora Play

This month I finally achieved a dream of mine, and was able to get off the waitlist and get a subscription to Sephora Play. For those of you who don’t know Sephora Play is a $10 monthly subscription bag from Sephora. You receive 4-5 mini size products, as well as a perfume sample each month for only $10. There is a waitlist and they will email you when a spot opens, from what I have heard and experienced it can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to get your email invitation. Make sure to watch your email because you only have a small amount of time to accept the subscription before your spot is given away. I really enjoy this box because all the products are of course, sold at Sephora. Let’s jump on in and see what I received.


The first thing I noticed in the box was the Madam CJ Walker’s coconut oil. It is suppose to be nourishing and moisturizing for your hair. I have never tried coconut oil in my hair before but I did try this out and I really enjoyed it. It gave my hair a nice shine, and I love the scent of it. It really just made my hair seem extra clean. You only have to use a small amount so I think this size of a bottle will really last me a good amount of time. I probably won’t use it everyday because I think it can definitely make my hair oily if I use it too much. You can purchase 0.5 oz of this at Sephora for $14. I will most likely repurchase if I continue to get the same results.


The next product I pulled out of the box was a Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Driver’s Seat”. I think this is an awesome shade for fall, and the swatch looks really pretty. It is like a dark, nude mauve color. I have seen a lot about these liquid lipsticks so I am excited to try it out and see how well it wears. These liquid lipsticks retail for $24 full size at Sephora.


I also received the Skin Dew setting spray by Farmacy. I have tried Farmacy face masks in the past and I really enjoyed them and thought they were extremely moisturizing so I am excited to try out this setting spray. This says it should be hydrating but I haven’t tried it out yet, I am hoping it hydrates my skin and helps my makeup be longlasting. This retails for $44 at Sephora, full size.


The next lip product I grabbed is the Estee Lauder Flash Photo Gloss. I have never heard of this product before but from what I have read it is a gloss to put over a lip color and it will make your teeth look whiter in photos. It has an iridescent blue tint to the gloss. From just swatching the gloss I do feel like it seems pretty thick to me. I am definitely interested in trying this out and seeing if I notice a change in my teeth. I do think it is a very cool idea for a product though. This full sized product retails at Sephora for $20.


The final product I received in this bag was Night Serum from the Drunk Elephant. I tried this out last night and I thought my skin looked and felt awesome. My face looked brighter in the morning when I woke up, so I am definitely interested in trying this product out some more. I have heard good things about this brand and this is the first product I am actually trying out from them. This full size product costs $90 so I will have to be really impressed to actually repurchase this item.


The bag also came with a small sample of the Derek Lam 10 Crosby perfume in the scent Silent Street, but honestly every bag coming with a perfume sample is not that much of a big deal to me because I have so many perfume samples already, this will just get tossed in with the others. Overall for $10 I do think this bag was pretty cool, I will receive another bag next month and really decide if this subscription is worth it. Thank you all for reading, until next time.

September Favorites and an Unfavorite

Hello everybody and thank you for reading today’s post, which is my September favorites and even an unfavorite. I know it has been quite a while since my last post and I just wanted to tell you guys thank you for sticking through it with me, I recently moved and it has been a little more stressful than I imagined. I will be having a life update post about all that up on Wednesday, as well as a haul/first impressions post up on Friday. I am trying to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this month as well as daily on Instagram. So let’s hope I can keep it up, and let’s jump on into this post.


My first favorite for the month of September is actually a product that I tried once and hated, then never picked it up again until this month and I fell in love. It is the Real Techniques 102 triangle concealer brush. I do not even know why I didn’t like this brush at first, I think it is because back then I was only using a beauty blender for my concealer, but now I love using this brush. I switch between this brush and a tiny beauty blender, but I think this brush gets the job done quick. I like using this brush when I use more concealer since the beauty blender I use is so small. I think it has great coverage, and I love the triangular shape it has so I can get all areas covered easily. This retails for $15.00 and I got this at Ulta, but I know it is available online as well.


The next favorite I have is the Studio Makeup on-the-go eyeshadow palette. I received this at the beginning of the month in my Boxycharm and I have not put it down. I am so in love with this palette, it is extremely pigmented and blends like a dream. It has a little bit of fall out, but honestly I don’t mind. The very middle shade that is like a dark orange shimmery copper shade is possibly my favorite eyeshadow shade ever. Also, I do not own the Kylie Cosmetics palette but this palette looks like it could be similar, it has similar shades and the same type of packaging. This is definitely my new favorite palette at the moment, and will probably go with me whenever I travel. To me this palette is a little pricey because I have never heard of this brand, but the quality is awesome so I think the $49.95 price tag is worth it if you have the extra cash. You can buy this online on the Studio Makeup website.


My third favorite product I have this month is the Jouer essential lip enhancer. I received this product in my Fall September Beautycon box this month, but I have actually used this product before. I finished an entire tube of this product a few months ago and never repurchased but this brought my love for the product back. I use this product every single week day morning before I go to work. It really makes my lips hydrated and I wish I took a before picture because I have started to notice my lips are a lot fuller. I just have the original one, but I also know they sell them in tinted colors. You can buy these on the Jouer website for $16. This is my favorite lip treatment ever, and I think it is definitely worth the money. I might actually go buy a back up right now!


My next favorite actually isn’t a makeup product, it is a bracelet I received in my latest Rocksbox. If you do not have Rocksbox, I suggest you go back a few posts and read my post about it. It is an unlimited jewelry rental subscription and has amazing products. You can get your first month free with the code “CORINNASCORNERXOXOXO” and you won’t regret it. This is the silver Moonsong Cuff by Jenny Bird. It is bendable so it can be totally adjusted any size you’d like. I love it. It is so simple but it can go with any outfit, and I am just so in love with it. I actually first saw it worn by youtuber, LeighannSays, and I fell in love with the Jenny Bird brand. That is how I knew to put Jenny Bird on my Rocksbox wishlist. This retails for $85 on the Jenny Bird site, but you can get it at a discounted member price if you do decide to sign up for Rocksbox.


My final favorite for the month of September are the Tarte Lip Sculptors. I have the shade Rogue which is a dark berry shade, and I also have the shade Basic which is the perfect nude shade. These are lipsticks on one end, with a matching lipgloss on the other end. I always wear lipstick under my gloss, so I love how these shades match perfectly and I’m not searching for a gloss and lipstick that match. I also really like the formula of the gloss, it is long lasting and not too sticky. These are exclusive to Ulta, and retail for $24 which I think is a great price especially because they are like a 2 for 1 product. Basic is definitely my favorite shade out of the 2 I purchased.


So now for my unfavorite for September. I really do not like the Ole Henriksen sheer transformation moisturizer. I tested this product out a few months ago and thought it was making me oily, so stopped using it. I started using it again to give it another chance and I am convinced this product breaks me out. I rarely ever ever ever get acne, maybe 1 or 2 zits at a time. Using this product at one point I had 6 different problem spots on my face. It was ridiculous and the worst my skin has ever been. Once I stopped using this moisturizer, it was fine again. I am not even going to look up the price of this product (although I do think it is $15 at Sephora for the smallest size)  because I do not want you all to waste your money. So disappointed in this moisturizer.


That is it for this post, and the end of September 2016. I hope you all had a great month and here is to an awesome October. I can’t wait for Fall and the holiday seasons. I am so ready! Until next time, thank you all for reading.

Beauty Wishlist

Hey everyone, for today’s post I decided to share with you all the top 5 items I have on my current beauty related wish list. There is no specific order of these items but they are my top 5, and I have not purchased any of these items before. Let’s get started.

First on the list is, Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation. So I absolutely need to get my hands on this foundation. Beauty youtuber, Jaclyn Hill, raves about this foundation and swears it is amazing. I have pretty dry skin so any type of foundation that is suppose to make my skin dewy and vibrant, I want to try it. I also love Josie Maran’s other products, especially her argan oil. I typically mix a drop or two into my foundations I use now, so for this foundation to already have it, it is perfect. You can get this at Sephora for $45.


Number 2 on the list goes to, the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water. I have never tried a primer that is like this primer before. I love the fact that it is just a nice light water that you mist onto your face and you don’t have to rub it in. To me, it doesn’t seem like it would be cakey or heavy on your skin. Like I said previously, I have dry skin so the fact that this is suppose to hydrate and revitalize your skin really attracts me. This goes for $32, full size.


The number 3 spot on the list is the Wave Spray by Ouai. Now I really want to try not only this product, but the Ouai brand in general. Jen Atkins is the creator of the Oaui hair care brand and she is a really respected hair stylist in the beauty world. I have been seeing a lot of good reviews about this spray and I know Khloe Kardashian uses it quite a bit too. This spray is suppose to give you cute, beach style waves without the crunchy dryness that other sprays can give you. It goes for $26.00.



The next product on my list is by Nails Inc. It is their Paint Can Spray On Nail Polish. You can buy this unique product at Sephora for only $12. Now I have a huge obsession with packaging. If a product has cute, interesting, and eye-catching packaging then I am going to buy it. So not only do I love this packaging and think it is super cool that it looks like a spray paint can, but I also love the idea of just spraying on my nail polish. I hate painting my nails, so if using this product is as easy and mess free as it is advertised to be, I would love to try it.


Finally, the #5 spot goes to the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops. These drops go for $42 and are an amazing highlighting product. From the swatches I have seen these drops look like liquid metal. I also love the fact that they are drops, so you can customize your highlight however you want. You can mix shades, mix it with your foundation, and use as much or as little as you want. I have also seen people just use it right on top of their foundations. They have six different shades, 4 highlights and 2 bronzers. To me this product definitely looks like a must try product.


New Beauty Products Review

Hey everyone! For Today’s post I am going to review some new products I have been testing out and using. Some makeup, skincare, and even tanning lotion, so let’s just jump on in to the reviews.

The first new product I have been using is the Ka-Brow brow gel by Benefit. I love this product. It makes my brows look better than any other product I have used. I use the shade “4” and it matches my brows perfectly. It reminds me a lot of the Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow but the packaging is cuter and easier to use. It also comes with a little brush, which I love. Benefit has released a lot of new brow products lately and this product really makes me want to go try them all. I got this at Sephora and it retails for $24.


The next product I purchased are the new Tarte 911 under eye rescue patches. It is basically a gel under eye mask that decreases puffiness and dark circles. I have been seeing these constantly used on the Tarte snapchat and have been dying to try them. The first time I tried them was after a night out in Las Vegas and the next morning they made my eyes look so much better. I will definitely be using these the morning after long nights. I also put them in the fridge so they are even cooler, and more refreshing. You are suppose to keep them on for 10-15 minutes, so I just use them before I am going to do my makeup. They sell them at Sephora for $22.


The next product isn’t a new product to the market but it is new to me. After seeing so many good reviews I finally ordered the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter by The Balm. I am not really in love with this product. I was expecting to receive this product and absolutely fall in love with it, but no. I think the reason I don’t like it is because I just set my expectations too high. I do like the formula, it isn’t very creamy but it is blendable and long lasting. My main issue is I was expecting a beautiful highlight and to me, this highlighter is very subtle and almost just blends in to well with my skin tone. I do think it would be a good highlighter for a no makeup, natural look. You can purchase this on The Balm’s website for $24.


Next is a product that was actually given to me by my step-sister, the Loving Tan 2 hour express deluxe bronzing mousse. I am very fair and used the Dark shade and it turned out beautiful. I used this for the first time the day I left for Las Vegas. I love how convenient it is, because you only have to wait at least 2 hours to wash it off. Although you could leave it on longer for more color. I was nervous because before I washed it off it did look extremely blotchy, but it turned out even and beautiful. I used a Morphe M439 to apply and blend it. I recommend watching Jaclyn Hill’s self tanning tutorial, which is what I followed. This retails for $39.95 on the Loving Tan website and it is an Australian based company so the shipping does take a while and can be pricey, but to me it is worth it.


Last but certainly not least I want to talk about the new Urban Decay one & done hybrid complexion perfector. This is basically a light coverage foundation/ sunscreen/ BB cream, I would say. It does have SPF 20 so that to me is always a plus. I love just throwing some of this on and heading out the door. It is very long lasting and is a very lightweight feel on my face. It blends really well and doesn’t look to cakey. I used the shade Light. The only issue I had with this is I feel like the bottle that I received wasn’t very full. The first time I used it I noticed how light the bottle felt. It retails at Sephora for $34.


That is it for my reviews today! Thank you all so much for reading and being a part of my blogging journey. Until next time.

Ole Henriksen Skincare Review

Hey everyone! So today’s post I thought I would review some of the Ole Henriksen skincare products. I do want to be honest and let you all know I was sent these products to test out and review, I did not purchase them and I am not being paid to review them. These are 100% my real honest opinions on these products. So lets just jump into the reviews.


The first product I tried from Ole Henriksen was the Power Bright, 3 step brightening system. This product is my favorite! It really did show instant results in brightening my skin, and I also noticed how smooth my skin got and how visibly smaller my pores looked after using this product. The first step is their Truth Sugar Glow Polishing Mask. This is my favorite step, this mask smelled amazing and this step alone made my skin look great. They also sell this mask separately, and I will definitely be purchasing it. The next step is the Truth 25% Vitamin C Concentrate. The final step is the Pure Truth Melting Cleanser. Then you remove with the cleansing sponge that is supplied with the treatment. Once all 3 steps are complete your skin is definitely refreshed and glowing. If you have sensitive skin I do recommend doing a patch test because Vitamin C can be a little harsh on the skin, I personally didn’t have any negative reactions though. I loved this whole treatment, and I will definitely be purchasing this again on my own. It is exclusive to Sephora and it costs $55 for a box with 6 different treatments.


The next product that Ole Henriksen sent me was the Sheer Transformation Moisturizer. I have a love-hate relationship with this product so far. I have very dry skin, so I love trying out different moisturizers in different ways. So I will start with what I like, this moisturizer is definitely hydrating and it is also slightly exfoliating. I also had a huge blemish when I first started using this that was on my face for about a week, and after using this moisturizer and my other Ole Henriksen products it was gone within 2 days. I enjoy using this moisturizer at night, I like to really pack it on before bed and let it soak into my skin while I sleep. Now for what I dislike, I do not like to wear this under my makeup. I feel like when I put it on in the morning after using it at night, or putting it on before my makeup really makes my face become oily through out the day. I also do not like the scent, it doesn’t have a strong scent but while applying it smells a little funky. This product is also exclusive to Sephora and it comes in three different sizes ranging from $14 to $65.


The final product I was given by Ole Henriksen is their Truth Serum Collagen Booster. I feel as if I haven’t used this product enough to give a 100% full review on it. It is jam packed with Vitamin C, and I did find it to be firming on my skin, which is a plus. My favorite thing about this serum is the smell. It smells like an orange 50/50 bar. It honestly smells so good that I will wear it just for the smell alone. It has an amazing scent. This is also a Sephora exclusive, and they have it in multiple sizes ranging from $15-$128 depending on the size.

So overall, I would give the Ole Henriksen brand a solid B based off of these products. I would definitely be interested in trying other products by them, and I will also definitely be purchasing more of the brightening systems, as well as the Truth Sugar Scrub on its own. Thank you Ole Henriksen for the products, and thank you to all of you for reading! Until next time!

Makeup Collection: Eyeshadow Palettes

Hello everyone! Today I am going to share more of my makeup collection with all of you. These are my eyeshadow palettes, not including my drug store palettes. All of these palettes I have boughten at either Sephora or Ulta. So I am just going to jump right in with the reviews!


These swatches up above are from the Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette. The first thing I want to mention about this palette is I love the packaging! I love the packaging for the whole collaboration they did together but especially the palette. The white with black polka dots really does remind me of Gwen Stefani and her fun edgy style. These shadows are very creamy and blendable, like most Urban Decay shadows, but I do think some of the shades lack a little bit in pigment. These are not all the shades but the shades swatched above from top to bottom are… 1987, Danger, Harajuka, Pop, Steady, Serious, Punk, and Anaheim. This collaboration is limited edition and both Ulta and Sephora have these products for a reduced price. I believe this eye palette is currently only $25 at Sephora. For 15 different shades, I think this is a great palette at a great price!


This is the Lorac Reisling Romance eyeshadow palette, and this palette is absolute garbage. I am honestly not even sure why I still have this palette, I will probably just keep it for my Goddaughter to play with. I bought this on sale at Ulta for about $15 I believe a few months ago. These shades have little to no pigment, the only one with decent pigment is the darkest shade on the right side. I do not own any other Lorac palettes but I have heard good things about the Lorac Pro line and do want to try those palettes out. This palette though is an absolute no for me.


This palette right here is from Urban Decay. It is an older palette of theirs that is no longer available. I am honestly not even sure what the name of the palette is, but it is silver packaging with a purple skull on the front. It is very similar to their Shadow Box palette that is available at Ulta for $34. It has a few more shadows in it, and very similar shades to this. These shades from top to bottom are… Sin, Chopper, Mildew, Oil Slick, Last Call, Shattered, Grifter, and Polyester Bride. These shadows are amazing! The pigment, how creamy and blendable they are, everything is awesome. In my opinion Urban Decay definitely have some of the best eye shadows in the game.


This palette right here is also from Urban Decay and it is the Naked 2 Palette. Everybody knows that the Naked Palettes from Urban Decay are staples in everyones collection. This is definitely an everyday palette that I love. This is one of my favorite palettes to travel with because the packaging is so sturdy and I love the brush it comes with as well. I think this is a great palette with colors that look goon on all eye colors and skin tones. I need to get the rest of the Naked Palettes and really complete my collection.


These three swatches are from Tarte’s Golden Days & Sultry Nights Palette. This is a small palette from Tarte and I am not sure if it is still available. I got this palette on sale from Ulta about 6 months ago for only about $15 I believe. These 3 shades are so creamy and pigmented, they don’t have any shade names but I LOVE that blue shade. It is so pretty. This was a great find that I came across because I love how pigmented these are. It also comes with what I believe is a highlight and contour shade (a white, and warm light brown shade), but those for some reason have little to no pigment and don’t really show up on my skin. For what I spent though, these 3 shades are definitely worth it to me.


This palette right here is also from Tarte and one of my FAVORITE palettes ever… This is the original Tartelette palette. This palette is so blendable and has such nice everyday shades and some awesome transition shades. I use this palette multiple times a week and never get tired of it. I also really want to get the Tartelette in Bloom palette and that is the newer version of this palette. This is also a palette I love to travel with because of how sleek and easy the packaging is.


Last but certainly not least is my Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette. Guys…this palette smells like chocolate! I love Too Faced, honestly I have not tried a single product from them that I have not liked. This palette is incredibly blendable, as well as pigmented. It has such fun shades that you can do a crazy look, or a subtle everyday look. I love how the shadows are heart shaped, and also the shade names are so cute. In this picture I watched from top to bottom.. Early Grey, Totally Fetch, Black Currant, Cafe Au Lait, Cotton Candy, Mocha, Molasses Chip, and Sprinkles. The pigment is this palette is unreal! This palette definitely makes me want more of the Too Faced palettes. They are all just so fun and cute, with amazing products.

Well everyone, that is my eyeshadow palette collection. I do have a few drugstore eyeshadow palettes as well but I will save those for another time. Thank you all for reading. Let me know in the comments below if I am missing any awesome palettes that are must haves!